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by Sylvia Bond Smith

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Books of Zimbabwe, 1980.
190 x 130 mm, viii, 256 pp..
ISBN (Std) 0 949931 03 9, (Pbk) 0 949931 00 4.

Ginette, a fast-moving novel based on contemporary events, will be read with particular interest and enjoyment by wives and girl friends of men who served in the Rhodesian bush war.

Not all the casualties of the Rhodesian bush war were among the armed combatants. Many were young women who, through war havoc, found their lives shattered and who, with courage, built them up again.

Such a woman was Ginette whose fictional story is so dramatically unfolded in this new work by a Zimbabwean writer.

After an all-to-brief marriage, ended by the death of her Selous Scout husband, she drifted miserably into a series of amorous adventures in search of love and happiness; and later through hard work as a war-time 'captain of industry', and a realistic approach to her sex problems, found blissful fulfilment only to discover that even true love could be basely used for the avaricious ambitions of the business-man to whom she had given everything.

A fast-moving narrative made all the more convincing by its authentic background.

"The background to the story is authentic and the pictures of an embattled nation facing inevitable defeat is sometimes very poignant."
DAILY DESPATCH, East London, South Africa

"Fast-moving with an authentic background, it isa gripping tale with a shock ending."
THE STAR, Johannesburg, South Africa

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