Books of Zimbabwe. Life with UDI: A Cartoon "History" of Independent Rhodesia
Louis W Bolze & Klaus Ravn


"From across the border comes something new, crammed with wit and humour. It is the first book of cartoons to come out of Rhodesia and very good it is, too! . . . our friend, Ian Smith, and his British opponent, Harold Wilson, feature prominently among the witty drawings dealing with Rhodesia's independence and her attitude to sanctions, majority rule, petrol-rationing, tobacco production, and the rest . . ." - Natal Mercury.

". . . There are seven pre-UDI cartoons, thereafter they are all dated, from November 11 last year through to May 23 this year (1966), when the book was published. This diary enables the reader to keep up with events on a day-to-day basis. The tone of the book is light-hearted but several of the drawings make their point with some force. It is good to discover that Rhodesians retain their sense of humour."- Pretoria News.

"Klaus Ravn is a new name among cartoonists in Southern Africa. ... he shows a talent above the ordinary for a beginner in this field . . . one could almost safely bet that Ravn will 'find himself* soon. In a brightly written foreword, gagman Boize says 'this is conceived as a book of fun ... to show the world that .despite the tightening of the screw, Rhodesians are in good heart*.." - Leyden in the Sunday Tribune, Durban.

". . . a light-hearted survey of the history of this country since last November . . . apart from the obvious humour, there are some very acute satirical touches and the cartoons are frequently thought-provoking in their written and implied comment. Occasionally Life With UDI takes on a broader outlook, and it then becomes a general comment on our times . . . This is not a book of cartoons such as those based on the adventures of the Giles family and Andy Capp ... it's a cartoon commentary on recent happenings. You will find the serious comment-but the laughs are there because we like, and need, to laugh at ouselves . . ."-John Parry in RBC's Bookshelf.

"Here is an amusing up-to-the-minute book . . . with 90 pages of clever quips . . . One aspect of the cartoons is especially commendable. At no time are they anti-Black. The very occasional reference to Africans is to Nkrumah or the Afro-Asian group, never to Rhodesian fellow citizens. Otherwise everything is grist to the mill, shamelessly and impudently . . . There is an obvious gratitude lowards South Africa, no attempt to identify Britain with its Prime Minister. It is honest retaliation in the pleasantest manner ... If the Friends of Rhodesia invested some of their money to send the book overseas, they could be surprised at the good investment it might prove." - The Daily Representative, Queenstown.

"Life With UDI is a spirited response to the almost universal disapproval that greeted Rhodesian independence . . . the cartoons sparkle with humour and a gentle national self-assertion. In view of the bitterness and broken promises which have surrounded independence, Harold Wilson is treated most indulgently . . . The book . . . assures us that Rhodesians-though they may be regarded as renegades by Britain-have not lost the ability to laugh at themselves, once considered the quintessence of the British temperament." - Australian International News Review.
15th January 1966
(Quote on newspaper - "Sanctions: Girdle stocks dwindle")

"Just an idea, Sir. With the off-cuts from the inner-tube production line, we could turn out thousands."
18th January, 1966

"Smells Rhodesian to me!"
24th April, 1966

The government is reported to be experimenting with gas as a motor fuel.


Typical of many letters received was one signed "Three Visiting Scots": "Life With UDI is an ideal blend of humour and bite. You already have our moral-support and that of a great many people in Britain . . ."

A letter from the Aid Rhodesia Movement in New Zealand, and several other sources, requested permission to republish cartoons. An order from Papua included an extra couple of Australian dollars for "Rhodesia's fight for independence".

A New York businessman wrote: ". . . it is excellent ... I want another six copies of the first series and 12 of the sequel ... I will see that members of our Government read them."


Life With UDI made Rhodesian publishing history by selling out its entire first edition of 10,000 copies within three days, and running to a second edition of 20,000 copies within a week of publication.Life With UDI and More Life With UDI are matching volumes which together cover the 'history' of Year One of Rhodesia's Independence.


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