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Paget of Rhodesia
by Geoffrey Gibbon

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Books of Zimbabwe, 1973
225 x 150 mm, xii, 172 pp., 8 illus., 1 map, Commendation by The Archbishop of Cape Town, Foreword by Sir Robert Tredgold, Author's Note, Epilogue by Dr. Lorna Kendall, 1973.
ISBN (Std) 0 86920 076 3

Archbishop Paget's contribution to the Church and the community in Rhodesia was impressive, and it is fitting that his influential role should be recorded. This has been done in admirable style by Canon Geoffrey Gibbon, his close associate.

Edward Paget, a member of a prominent ecclesiastical family, was well known in Britain, South Africa and Rhodesia. Early in his career he worked in London's East End, and after the First World War (in which he earned the Military Cross), he was appointed Vicar of Benoni, South Africa. He became Bishop of Southern Rhodesia in 1925, and tackled mission expansion with enthusiasm.

At tirnes a controversial figure, and always at the centre of national life, he was instrumental in founding numerous missions, welfare and educational institutions. He is remembered with affection by the many Rhodesians whom he visited, as Chaplain-General, in the Western Desert during the Second World War.

Paget retired as Archbishop of Central Africa and spent his later years in Natal, a neighbour of Alan Paton.

When Edward Paget died in 1971, at the age of 84, his thousands of friends in South Africa and Rhodesia mourned
the passing of a great Christian.

"He was a pioneer in race relationships. By his attitudes, as well as by what he taught, he led people to put the emphasis on our common humanity and to forget the divisive powers of race and colour."

'This memoir recaptures the lfe of one ofAfrica's crusaders for justice." THE SUNDAY TRIBUNE

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