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The Reluctant President
The Memoirs of the Hon. Clifford Dupont, G.C.L.M., I.D.

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Books of Zimbabwe, 1978
220 x 150 mm, x. 246 pp.. 47 illus., Epilogue by Mr M. W.Bassett. 1978.
ISBN (Std) 0 86920 183 2.

History will record the name of the Hon. Clifford Dupont as a great and courageous Rhodesian who served his country with distinction. It may be said that he was the embodiment of its fighting spirit.

A founder-member of the Rhodesian Front, he later played a key role in the unilateral declaration of independence which he saw not as a denial of the traditions he valued so greatly but as a re-affirmation of their intrinsic worth. To him UDI was an opportunity for Rhodesia to break away from a country which 'had turned traitor to itself'.

He was a traditionalist with a strong moral idealism and compelling sense of duty and service.

He identified completely with all Rhodesians: black and white, civilians and servicemen; farmers, miners, industrialists, sportsmen; the aged, the young. He and his wife toured the country extensively during his Presidential term and were much loved.

In an address to the Nation on his retirement at the end of 1975 he said: "Rhodesia, in spite of the rantings and almost pathological hatred of some of our neighbours, and of that totally discredited body, the United Nations, has nevertheless earned one thing: world respect for the character, loyalty and determination of its people. My message to you is simple: 'Keep it so'."

These reminiscences were completed shortly before Mr. Dupont passed away in June 1978. Due to rapidly failing health he required assistance with the writing, the circumstances of which are explained in the Epilogue.

"On the face of it one could, in all honesty, expect the life story of a President to be dull - even pompous. Such memoirs usually are.. But not this President." FINANCiAL GAZETTE

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