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Sanctions Double Cross, Oil to Rhodesia
by Jorge Jardim

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Facsimile reprint of English edition published in Portugal in July 1978
240 x 155 mm, viii, 149 pp., 9 illus., 2 maps, new Introduction by Jose Ramalho, 1979.
ISBN (Pbk) 0 86920 197 2

JORGE JARDIM, the Portuguese businessman-cum-diplomat who, from 1965 to 1974, co-ordinated the oil-to-Rhodesia operations, is the author of Sanctions Double-Cross which tells why the oil embargo failed during UDI, and which instantly became a best-seller. The rights to reprint it for the market in southern Africa were acquired by Books of Rhodesia.

Jardim who was the trusted right-hand man of the Portuguese Prime Minister Salazar claims that from the very beginning sanctions against Rhodesia were a double-cross game. They became a farce between the multi-national oil companies and the complicity or, at least, the indifferent apathy of their governments. His avowed aim in writing this controversial book was to clear the name of Portugal which had been blamed for the failure of sanctions, and to show up the real sanctions-busters in what he called "an awe-inspiring international conspiracy".

This expose' of a cloak-and-dagger operation which affected the daily lives of all who lived in Rhodesia during the bush war makes fascinating and somewhat surprising reading.

On its publication overseas it became one of the most hotly debated books ever to feature in the British mass media, and doubtless had its effect on the Bingham inquiry. But this was the first time that these details were released in this country.

"There is the legitimate side of the author's missions on Salazar's behalf to heads of state, prime ministers, diplomats and top executives as well as the cloak-and-dagger activities behind the scenes. Even the best kept secrets are not immune to the microfilm. This is virtually mandatory reading for those interested in top level dealing, for those who wonder how the news is made and who pulls the strings." ANON

"The book is a useful first-hand account which will find a valuable place in the annals of this absorbing period of southern
African history.

"The book is well worth reading and provides a fascinating insight into the sanctions war. One can only hope that as time passes more details about other operations will be published and the public can learn how this country came through the years of UDI"

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