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Bonanza - 75 years of flue cured tobacco advice
by D.C. McClymont

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Books of Zimbabwe, 1981
180 x 120 mm, iv, 112 pp., 12 illus., 5 diagrams, l Appendix, Bibliography, 1981.
ISBN (Std) 0 86920 226 X, (Pbk) 0 86920 242 1

During the past seventy five years the tobacco industry in Rhodesia was instrumental in bringing to the country significant amounts of capital in the form of cash and skilled manpower.

The wealth it generated contributed considerably to the impressive development manifest in its principal city and in the prosperous smaller centres which serve it: Hartley, Marandellas, Sinoia and Rusape to name but a few.

It attracted men of initiative. It encouraged research in the field of tropical agriculture which embraced every aspect of the care, as well as the exploitation, of the country's natural resources.

This book covers every facet of tobacco production: seedbed preparation; soil types and their fertilization; land preparation and layout; plant density and planting methods; reaping, curing and grading, and pest and disease control. There is a short chapter on varieties and their development beginning with South's early endeavours and ending with the Kutsaga E and K strains of the late 1 970s. All topics are carefully annotated.

It is both a history and an authoritative work of reference which should find a place in the library of every tobacco grower and every academic or official body with a special interest in this branch of crop production.

"Seldom before has it been so enjoyable to read a review of technical information in such a relaxed, yet concise, style. This informative work will be appreciated by anyone involved in the tobacco industry, whether producing or manufacturing or studying."

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