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Catalogue - Jewish related
Fiction & Non-fiction
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History of the Jews - Paul Goodman.  JM Dent, 1939

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Short History of Jewish Literature - Israel Abrahams.  T Fisher Unwin, MCMVI  
My Caravan of Years: An Autobiography - Goldie Stone.  Bloch Publishing Company, 1945.  Ex -library book  
The Jew and the Cross - Dagobert D Runes.  Philosophical Library, New York, 1965.  Has D/J small tears & inscription  
Social Ethics of the Jews: with selected texts from biblical and talmudic literature - Arthur Meyerowitz.  Bloch Publishing Company, 1935.   
A Short History of Zionism - Israel Cohen.  F Muller, 1951. Has D/J with small tears.  
In Search of a Lost People: The old and new Poland - Joseph Tenenbaum.  Beechhurst Press, 1948.  Has inscription.  
Challenge of Israel - Misha Louvish.  Israel Universities Press, 1968.  D/J  
The Story of Modern Palestine - Dorothy F. Zeligs.  Bloch Publishing Company, 1947 (2nd printing)  
Letters of a Jewish Father to his Son - Ben Eliezer.  Juta & Co., 1928.  Piece of paper stuck to outside front board (possibly d/j got wet?)  
Jewish Legends of the Middle Ages - Wolff Pascheles, Translated by Claud Field, Illustrated by May Mullinger.  Robert Scott, Pastnoster Row, undated.  Has address label correction? partially removed. & inscription.  
A Book of Jewish Thoughts - The Chief Rabbi (Dr. JH Hertz).  Oxford University Press, 1926.  Has inscription.  
What will happen to the Jews - Joseph Leftwich.  PS King & Son, 1936.  Has inscription.  
Jerusalem - Msgr. John M Oesterreicher & Anne Sinai. John Day 1974.  
Israel: Social Structure and Change - Michael Curtis and Mordecai Chertoff.  Transaction Books, 1973  
Two Worlds: An Edinburgh Jewish Childhood - David  Daiches.  Macmillian, 1957. D/J good.  
The Renascence of Hewbrew Literature (1743-1885) - Hahum Slousch (translated from French).  Jewish Publication Society of America, 1909.  
Pioneers and Builders: Biographical Studies and Essays - Abraham Goldberg. Abraham Goldberg Publication Committee, 1943. D/J badly torn  
The Son of a Star - Poul Borchsenius. George Allen & Unwin, 1960.  D/J small tears, dirty.  
One Hundred Hours to Suez:  An Account of Israel's Campaign in the Sanai Penisula - Robert Henriques.  Collins, 1957.  D/J small tears.  
Exodus - Leon Uris. (Fiction) William Kimber, 1959.  Ex-library, but in good condition  
Rebirth and Destiny of Israel - David Ben Gurion.  Philosophical Library, 1954. Ex-Library, but in good condition  
A Guide to Yom Kippur - Rabbi Louis Jacobs.  Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1957. Has rubber stamp, spine faded.  
The Legends of Israel: translated from the Hebrew of JB Levner - Joel Snowman.  Vol 1. James Clarke & Co.,1946.  D/J - small tears  
Breaking Point - Jacob Presser (Fiction).  Frederick Muller, 1958.  D/J dirty  
Everyman's Judaism: Essays on Jewish Life and Practice - Rabbi Dr SM Lehrman.  Shapiro Vallentine, undated.  D/J torn  
The World of Yesterday: An Autobiography by Stefan Zweig.  Cassell & Co., 3rd Ed. 1944.  Spine insect damaged.  
A Guide to Passover - Isaac Levy.  Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1958  
The Bible: A Modern Jewish Approach - Bernard J Bamberger.  Hillel, 1955.  Spine damaged  
Along the Years, Poems: 1911 - 1937 - Joseph Leftwich. Robert Anscombe & Co. 1937. Special Edition Copy No 460 of 750.  Signed plus small letter to owner by author dated Feb 1957.  D/J small tears.  
Memoirs, from Ghetto to Israel - Prof. Selig Brodetsky. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2nd Impress. 1960.  Has inscription, D/J torn.  
Star over Jordan: The Life of Theodore Herzl - Josef Patai, Translated from the Hungarian by Francis Magyar.  Philosophical Library, 1946.  D/J torn  
The Story of Moses Mendelssohn - Jaqueline Pinto.  Vallentine Mitchell, 1960. D/J small tears, small instect damage to top spine, has inscription.  
The Story of Albert Einstein - Gillian Freeman. Vallentine Mitchell, 1960. D/J small tears  
The Story of David Ben-Gurion - Barnet Litvinoff. Vallentine Mitchell, 1960. D/J small tears.   
Forty Years with Berenson - Nicky Mariano.  Hamish Hamiltion, 1966.  Ex-library.  
Crowning Achievement: Citation - Yehuda Harel, translated from hebrew by Michael Belling. Olive Books, 1972  
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Tribute of the Synagogue - Max Kleinman.  Bloch Publishing, 1946.  Has inscriptons  
Follow Me....The story of Moshe Dayan - Yehuda Harel.  Olive Books, 1972.  
Abraham Mapu: The creator of the modern hebrew novel - David Patterson.  Cornell University Press, 1964.  D/J rubbing/small tears  
Jerusalem Correspondent 1919-1958 - Elias M Epstein.  Jerusalem  Post Express, 1964.  Inscription, D/J small tears  
Chaim Weizmann: In Memoriam - Government Printer, 1952.  D/J torn  
Listen, Gentile! - Y Ben Aharon. Staples Press, 1947.  
Hitler's Professors: The part of scholarship in Germany's crimes against the jewish people - Max Weinreich. Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1946.  

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