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New Books & Prints
Second Hand Books


New Books & Prints
Rhodesia / Zimbabwe related
(Published by the then Books of Rhodesia, Books of Zimbabwe, Louis Bolze Publishing, Africana Book Society and others.)

Books covering Rhodesia / Zimbabwe during the pre & post Independence period (1960-present).

New Works (Fiction)
New Works (Non-fiction - General)
New Works (Non-fiction - Military History / Bush War)

Facsimile reproductions of rare and out-of-print works on the pioneering and growth of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) prior to 1960.

Reprints (Rhodesiana - Gold Series)
Reprints (Africana - General)

Reprints of books written by famous early southern Africa hunters of their exploits during the1840's to1930's. Much sought after by present day safari hunters - available in Standard or Leatherbound Editions.

Reprints (Africana - Hunting)

Portifolios of loose prints & maps- ideal for framing.

Non-Book Items

Southern Africa (Other than Rhodesia/Zimbabwe)

Southern Africa Fiction

Southern Africa Military History / Politics

Second Hand Books
We do have stock of second hand books (rare or not so rare) .
Should there be a book that you are looking for, that is not listed on this site, do email us with the relevant details.

Rhodesian / Zimbabwean Books
Bush War (On-Line auction)  

Africana Books

Birds A-Z , Hunting & Wildlife A-D
Hunting & Wildlife E-K
General - A, B, C, D, E , F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M

Hunting & Wildlife L-R
Hunting & Wildlife S-Z
General - N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,

Non-Africana Books

General Fiction

Ficton - Hammond Innes & Alastair Maclean

Ficton - Joseph Conrad & Neville Shute

General Non-Fiction


Expeditions - Caving, Mountaineering, Polar

Railways - Steam and Modern

Jewish related

Thomas Hardy


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