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Come Break a Spear - I Smith Come Break a Spear - Ivan Smith (Fiction)
An alternative title to this exciting work could have been PATU Stick Whiskey Charlie. Ben and Josiya, have come to their look-out post in Rhodesian lowveld by separate roads, arrived at manhood by paths which have led from the golden years of their boyhood when they hunted together, to the war in which they found themselves members of the same PATU stick (Police Anti-Terrorist Unit). They have since worked together, for four years, and now they hunt men.... Somewhere a poison has seeped into the land....This powerfully atmospheric piece of writing by a ex-BSAP author vividly portrays the cruel cat-and-mouse drama of the Rhodesian bush war.
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Cyclone Blues - Chris Cocks.  Covos Day Cyclone Blues - Chris Cocks (fiction)
The author's (a former Rhodesian combat paratrooper) first novel after his best-selling nonfiction Fireforce and Survival Course.  Set in present-day Zimbabwe and Mozambique, still suffering from the hangovers of civil war and natural disasters - it is a story of love and tragedy, against the backdrop of political machinations and treachery.  It successfully examines inter-racial relationships and attitudes and breathes hope into a troubled sub-continent, struggling with its history, its present and its future. A beautiful love story, fast moving, entertaining, and a historical tour de force, politically topical in light of Zimbabwe's turmoils.
Elephant Road - M de la Harpe Elephant Road - M de la Harpe.(fiction)
This was inspired by two episodes, half a century apart; the first was an expedition in 1891 by two English nurses who walked from the coast of Portuguese East Africa to establish a hospital in Cecil Rhodes' new colony, Rhodesia; the second was the building of Kariba Dam - the world's most ambitious hydro-electric project - in the 1950s - at a time when a changing Africa was preparing to shed its colonial mantle, and African nationalism was gaining strength.  A compelling, haunting story of exploration and adventure, passion and superstition.
  Erina - Wim Boswinkel.(fiction)
Johan comes to Africa to manage a tea plantation. He meets Erina and his life changes forever. The story takes a leap into the unknown, cleverly blending an African setting with the fantastic premise at its core: the arrival of a black female Christ-figure. The use of AIDS as a weapon to effect the ultimate defeat of Satan adds a powerful and provocative dimension.
Four Voices - Poetry from Zimbabwe - Molomy, Wright, Eppel, Brettell Four Voices - Poetry from Zimbabwe - Molomy, Wright, Eppel, Brettell
The quartet of poets represented here, coincidentally all schoolmasters, compose an engaging juxtaposition of life and style. Their poetic styles and idiosyncrasies of expression also make a wide-ranging variety, all, however, with the craftsman's respect for form which makes verse and not prose. The collection originated by chance, each poet having individually submitted work to the publisher about the same time, and happily so, as it is a pleasure that the voice of the poet should once again be heard in the land.
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Full Circle - Samantha Hall Full Circle - Samantha Hall
This is the story of Edward Kenyon, a man of strong character. Born in rural England during the late years of the First World War, he remains strong and unchanged through the many vicissitudes life presents to him, an uncaring father, loss of his mother at an early age, a strong bond with his beloved grandfather, his experiences as a Commando in the Second World War, his passionate love of the lovely Isobel which endures to the end of his life. He immigrates to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) where he is involved in its war of independence. A gripping story, taking place in various locations, written in a flowing and absorbing manner which makes for easy and pleasurable reading.
1-919874-04-6, 222x152mm, 318pp
Ginette - Sylvia Bond Smith Ginette - Sylvia Bond Smith (Fiction)
Ginette, a fast-moving novel based on contemporary events, will be read with particular interest and enjoyment by wives and girl friends of men who served in the Rhodesian bush war. Not all the casualties of the Rhodesian bush war were among the armed combatants. Many were young women who, through war havoc, found their lives shattered and who, with courage, built them up again.
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Hatchings - John Eppel Hatchings - John Eppel(Fiction)
It is New Year in Bulawayo, and anybody who is anybody is out celebrating.
Based on Alexander Pope's dictum that "those who are ashamed of nothing else are so of being ridiculous", Hatchings sets out to ridicule people of all races who abuse power - behind the pulpit, the podium, and the paint brush. The navel, whose central metaphor is baby-dumping, is set on New Year's Eve for good reason: it's the time when powermongers are at their most self-indulgent, most exposed. It is precisely the time when we see how much alike they are. In Hatchings this similarity between the left and the right, between church and state, between black and white - so obsessed with their own moral worthiness, so quick to inflict their sanctimony on us all - is demonstrated by the fact that they all, quite literally, dance to the same tune.
Life with UDI: A Cartoon "History" of Indepentent Rhodesia - LW Bolze & K Ravn Life with UDI: A Cartoon "History" of Independent Rhodesia - Louis W Bolze & Klaus Ravn (Cartoons)
Rhodesia's first ever "history" in cartoons. This "history" humorously, but faithfully, records the major events and depicts the trend of international attitudes immediately prior to and shortly after the Declaration of Independence (11th November 1965). Although the "history" is light hearted, it has its serious appeal, and a few hard-hitting gibes. The main characters are, quite naturally, Rhodesia's Prime Minister Ian Smith and the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, with the latter playing the villian.
Size - 200 x 160, 96 pages illustrustions, 4 pages explantory text. 2nd Impression 1966.
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More Life with UDI: Completing the Cartoon "History" of the First Year of Rhodesia's Independence - LW Bolze & K Ravn More Life with UDI: Completing the Cartoon "History" of the First Year of Rhodesia's Independence - Louis W Bolze & Klaus Ravn (Cartoons)
The continuation of "Life with UDI" covering the period of the first year of Rhodesia's Independence. Together these two cartoon books also shows life in Rhodesia under sanctions:- petrol rationing with petrol coupons, exchange controls, sanctions busting, inovative economical schemes, austerity measures, etc. as well as as how the implementation of sanctions affected other countries.
Size - 200 x 160, 90 pages illustrations, 11 pages explantory text. 1966.
Of Land and Spirits - Alan Thrush Of Land and Spirit - Alan Thrush (fiction)
This is the story of the five years leading to the birth of Zimbabwe - the story of Andrew Scott, George Sibanda, Kuretu, Mpehla, Hlomani and many others of the Rhodesian forces as they fight with great skill a war they cannot win. For even as the kills mount, so the numbers of the enemy inside the country groweven larger
It is also the story of Jason Mavunha and his comrades of the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army. Jason joins the Chimurenga - the War of Liberation - after guerrillas have been surprised at his village .... leading to the deaths of his two brothers.
This is the story of a white community wanting to retain its way of life, without realising the effect this is having on their sons who must carry on the fight. Of a black community whose sons serve on both sides, and which suffers reprisal and atrocity.
ISBN 0 620 20913 5. Size: 240 x 160mm, 408 pages
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One Commando - Rhodesia's Last Years, the Guerrilla War - Dick Gledhill.  Covos Day One Commando - Rhodesia's Last Years, the Guerrilla War - Dick Gledhill (fiction)
The author’s fictionalized account of his service in the elite parachute battalion, One Commando, the Rhodesian Light Infantry, during the height of the guerrilla war. A cracker of a story; action-packed all the way. Well balanced and intriguing.
Second Edition, 177 x 112mm, 21 b/w photos
ISBN 1 919874 35 6
Sand in the Wind - Keith Meadows Sand in the Wind - Keith Meadows (fiction)
Of wildlife and war, this haunting novel, drawn from factual events and set in the great Zambezi valley encompasses the fading era of Rhodesia to the dawn of Zimbabwe.   Evocatively captures the essence of wild Africa.  Following the traditions of Robert Ruark.
Seventh Floor Cupid - Anne Olsen Seventh Floor Cupid - Anne Olsen (Fiction)
Anne Olsen who in the 1970's, ran one of Rhodesia's leading marriage bureaux tells how she has put her personal misfortune and experience to work in alleviating the heart-break of others. Quite often humorous, though mostly poignant, the 'case histories' of a great variety of 'star-crossed lovers' are unfolded, each one shielded by anonymity.
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  Short Writings from Bulawayo - Edited by Jane Morris (Fiction)
Short Writings from Bulawayo is a book of stories, poems and non-fiction pieces that are evocative of Zimbabwe's second city and its rural surroundings. Some of the contributors are well-known, including John Eppel, Pathisa Nyathi and Terence Ranger, but the majority are published here for the first time. There are 28 pieces in the book from 23 contributors: from men and women, from the different races that make up our society, from people with very different educational backgrounds, from those with urban and rural experiences. Bulawayo's special character comes from a history of going its own way and developing its own style, as exemplified in the writings presented here.
Short Writings from Bulawayo 2 - Edited by Jane Morris Short Writings from Bulawayo 2 - Edited by Jane Morris (Fiction)
Short Writings from Bulawayo 2 is a collection of 22 short stories and 6 poems that take the reader on a journey through the townships of Bulawayo, to the rural areas and beyond. Pieces include those by the well-known John Eppel, Cathy Buckle and Pathisa Nyathi, and by some of the up-and-coming stars of Zimbabwean writing - Mzana Mthimkhulu, Christopher Mlalazi, Bryony Rheam and Derek Huggins.
It would be unforgivable in today's Zimbabwe to publish an anthology that did not reflect the struggles of the people to survive poverty and oppression and the way that cultural expectations impact on thier daily lives. As well as pathos, there is often humour in the closely observed portrayals of township denizens. Memories of an earlier rural life paint a very different picture to that of contemporary life. A common theme in the pieces is the singular fortitude of Zimbabweans in the face of adversity.
Short Writings from Bulawayo 3 - Edited by Jane Morris Short Writings from Bulawayo 3 - Edited by Jane Morris (Fiction)
Short Writings from Bulawayo III captures the voices of a wide range of writers who portray, through their different styles and subjects, a society in flux.
In this collection are:-
Writers who have stayed in Zimbabwe, who have passed through or who live in the diaspora.... Writers who have won the Caine Prize for African Writing, the Welsh Book of the Year Award, the M-Net Prize, The Ingrid Jonker Award, the National Arts Merit Award... Writers who are known, and writers who will be known.... All tell stories... All will contribute to a bright future for writing in Zimbabwe... For anyone who cares for Zimbabwe, this is a poignant and powerful book.
Song of Death - Dick Gledhill Song of Death - Dick Gledhill (fiction)
Follow agent John Hooper’s adventures as he struggles to bring peace to two different African countries on the brink of a bloody war. A war that is being encouraged by outside interests to further their selfish gains. Share John Hooper’s incarceration, where evil stalks the prison walls, where despair and hatred rise up to suffocate and choke. Only the strongest will survive this man-made hell. Freefall with him out the door of the plane, as he parachutes deep into enemy territory. Right in the middle of a savage firefight raging in the night, far below. Duck and weave with the twists and turns as the story takes John from jungle and savannah to bustling cities where plots and counter-plots weave a tapestry of deceit and lies. Romance flourishes in the most unlikely places and in situations that will boggle the mind, in this story of intrigue and suspense.
1-919874-02-X, 177x112mm, 220pp
  The Caruso of Colleen Bawn and Other Short Writings - John Eppel (fiction)
A collection of fifteen short stories and twenty poems. The pieces range from poetry evocative of the sights, sounds and smells of the Zimbabwean bush and suburbia to bitingly satirical prose about present day Zimbabwe. John Eppel has proved himself in both fields of writing, being awarded the M-Net Prize for fiction and the Ingrid Jonker Prize for poetry.
  The Curse of the Ripe Tomato - John Eppel (fiction)
The Curse of the Ripe Tomato, John Eppel's fourth novel, is a hilarious send-up of the Enid Blyton adventure stories he, in the spirit of colonial education, used to devour as a child. But it is more than this. It mocks fundamentalism, racism, and pseudo intellectuality; it asks, in the most unlikely manner, for reconciliation among the blighted peoples of Zimbabwe.

Although some of the characters in this novel appear in John Eppel's earlier work ("D.G.G. Berry's The Great North Road", "Hatchings", & "Giraffe Man"), it can be read independently of its predecessors.
0-7974-2349-4, A5, 104pp.


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