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All titles 1st Edition unless otherwise stated.
Last updated : 24 Jun 2001

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Book (Author - Title - Publisher, Edition, Year. Comments)


anf1 Huntley, J - Veld Sketchbook. - Books of Rhodesia, 1974. US$25.00
anf2 Mhlagazanhlansi (Dr Neville Jones) - My Friend Kumalo - Books of Rhodesia, 1974. Reprint of the 1944 Edition. US$20.00
anf3 'Mziki (A.A Campbell) - 'Mlimo, The Rise and Fall of the Matabele - Books of Rhodesia, 1974. Reprint of 1926 Edition. US$20.00
anf7 Rayner, R The Valley of Tantalika - Books of Zimbabwe, 1980. Hardback. US$20.00
anf4 Stent, V - A Personal Record of some Incidents in the Life of Cecil Rhodes - Books of Rhodesia, 1970. Reprint of 1925 Edition. US$15.00
anf5 Wilson, VJ - Orphans of the Wild, The story behind Chipangali - Books of Rhodesia, 1977. US$25.00

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