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Last updated: 06 Nov 2001

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rail1 Allen, CJ - The Great Eastern Railway - Ian Allen Ltd, 3rd Ed 1961. Edging damage, DW poor
rail2 Allen, GF - Modern Railways - Hamlyn Publishing Group, 1980. Book - fine, DW small tears
rail3 Allen, P - On the Old Lines, Locomotives around the World - Cleaver-Hume Press, 2nd Ed 1958. Book good, no DW
rail4 Binstead, MH - The Model Railway Hobby - Percival Marshall & Co, 1948. Spine damaged, Title page taped in, no DW
rail5 Bulleid, HAV - Master Builders of Steam - Ian Allan, 1963. Book - good, DW torn
rail6 Carter, EF - The True Book about Railways - Frederick Muller Ltd, 1959. Book good, DW tatty
rail7 Cox, ES - Locomotive Panarama, Vol 1 - Ian Allan, 1965. Book - good, DW good - very small tears, needs cleaning
rail8 Cox, ES - Locomotive Panarama, Vol 2 - Ian Allan, 1966. Book - good, DW good - very small tears, needs cleaning
rail9 Editor, World Railways - World Railways 1950-51 - Rand McNally & Co., (undated). Over 600 pages. Insect damage to pages and boards, spine covering loose
rail10 Garratt, CD - Masterpieces in Steam - Blandford Press, 1973. Book fine, DW plastic film coating peeling off.
rail11 Garratt, CD - Twilight of Steam - Blandford Press, reprint 1975. Book fine, DW small tear
rail12 Greggio, L (translated by P Kalla-Bishop) - The Steam Locomotive - Hamlyn, 1980. Book Fine, DW good
rail13 Grinling CH - The Ways of our Railways (New Edition, Revised) - Ward Lock, 1911. Book - 1 illust page loose, pages spotted, inscriptions, DW tatty
rail14 Griswold, WS - A Work of the Giants, Building the first Transcontinental Railroad - Frederick Muller Ltd, 1963. Book fine, DW tatty
rail15 Hamilton Ellis, C - The London Brighton and South Coast Railway (history between 1839-1922) - Ian Allen, 1960. Book good, end paper missing, DW tears & some colour faded (rubbing)
rail16 Hamilton Ellis, C - The Midland Railway - Ian Allan Ltd, 2nd Ed 1955. Book good, DW poor
rail17 Hamilton Ellis, C - The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways - Paul Hamlyn, 1968. Book good (inscriptions), no DW
rail18 Hamilton Ellis, C - The South Western Railway - George Allen & Unwin, 2nd Imp 1962. Book good, DW small tears
rail19 Hamilton, DS - Pictorial History of Trains - Octopus Books, 1977. Book fine, DW small tears
rail20 Hand, V & Edmondson, H - Trains, Steam and Diesel Locomotives in action around the World - Treasure Press, 1974 (reprint). Book Fine, DW small tear
rail21 Holcroft, H - Locomotive Adventure - Ian Allan Ltd., undated. Book - good, no DW
rail22 Holcroft, H - Locomotive Adventure, Volume 2 - Ian Allan Ltd., 1965. Book - good, DW torn
rail23 Howden, JR - The Boys Book of Locomotives - E. Grant Richards, Reprint 1907. Spine repaired (new cloth covering), new end pages, some internal pages damaged (small tears)
rail24 Kennedy, L - A Book of Railway Journeys (Compiled by L Kennedy) - Collins, 1980. Book good, DW good
rail25 Klapper, CF - Sir Herbert Walker's Southern Railway - Ian Allan 1973. Book good, DW small tears, film peeling
rail26 Letcher, O - When Life was Rusted Through - Books of Rhodesia, 1973 (Reprint). Book good, DW dirty
rail27 Nock, OS - Continental Main Lines - George Allen & Unwin, 1963. Book good, DW tears.
rail28 Nock, OS - Historical Steam Locomotives - Adam & Charles Black, 1959. Book good. DW tears & chafing
rail29 Nock, OS - Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway - Ian Allan Ltd, 1954. Book good, no DW.
rail30 Nock, OS - Railways at the Turn of the Century 1895-1905 - Blandford Press, 1969. Book good, DW good
rail31 Nock, OS - Railways in the Transition from Steam 1940-1956 - Blandford Press, 1974. Book good, DW good
rail32 Nock, OS - Railways in the Years of Pre-eminence 1905-1919 - Blandford Press, 1971. Book good, DW good
rail33 Nock, OS - Scottish Railways - Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1961 (revised). Book good, inscription, DW torn, chafed.
rail34 Nock, OS - The Midlands Compounds - David & Charles, 1964. Book good, no DW
rail35 Nock, OS - The Premier Line, The Story of London & North Western Locomotives - Ian Allan Ltd, 1952. Book good, no DW
rail36 Nock, OS - The Railways of Britain - BT Batsford, 1947-8, Book good, slight yellowing of some pages, DW torn, chafed
rail37 Paine, EMS - The Two James's & The Two Stephensons - David & Charles, 1961 (Centenary Reprint). Book good, DW tears, feint marks
rail38 R Hudson Ltd - Light Railway Materials, Catalogue No. 36035 - Printers unknown, undated. Water damaged pages 60 to end plus board, spine damaged.
rail39 Ransome-Wallis, P - On Engines in Britain and France - Ian Allan Ltd, 1957. Book good, missing frontspiece, no DW
rail40 Rolt, LTC - A Hunslet Hundred, One Hundred years of Locomotive Building by the Hunslet Engine Company - David and Charles, 1964. Book good, DW torn
rail41 Rolt, LTC - Railway Adventure, The story of the Talyllyn Railway (Paperback) - Pan Books, 1961. Book good
rail42 Sells, MP - The Steam Locomotive of To-day (cloth soft cover) - The Locomotive Publishing Co., 1951. Book good - very minor insect damage to page edges, staples showing through end papers
rail43 Snell, JB - Early Railways - Octopus Books, 1972. Book good, inscription, DW small tears
rail44 Snell, JB - Railways: Mechanical Engineering (paperback) - Arrow Books, 1973. Book good, some pages loose
rail45 Spence, J - Surviving Steam Railways - BT Batsford, 1979. Book good
rail46 Steel, EA - Greenly's Model Steam Locomotive Designs and Specifications (#2) - Cassel & Co., 1952. Book good, spine covering damaged
rail47 The Locomotive Publishing Co - Locomotive Engineer's Pocket Book, 1930 edition - Locomotive Publishing. Book - good, spine repaired, new end papers, no DW.
rail48 The Locomotive Publishing Co - Locomotive Engineer's Pocket Book, 39th edition - Locomotive Publishing. Book - good, new spine, new end papers, no DW.
rail49 The Locomotive Publishing Co - Locomotive Injectors - Locomotive Publishing, Revised edition 1921. Book - good, some yellowing on end papers, no DW.
rail50 The Locomotive Publishing Co - The Vacuum Automatic Brake - Locomotive Publishing, 1921. Book - edging damaged, spine repaired, new end papers, no DW.
rail51 The Locomotive Publishing Co - The Westinghouse Air Brake - Locomotive Publishing, undated. Book - good, some yellowing on end papers, covers loose. no DW.
rail52 Thomas, J - The Springburn Story, The History of the Scottish Railway Metropolis - David & Charles, 1964. Book good inscription, DW good
rail53 Vallance, HA - The Highland Railway - David and Charles, 3rd Ed 1969. Book good, missing end paper, DW small tears
rail54 Veale, EWP - Gateway to the Continent, A History of Cross-Channel Travel - Ian Allan Ltd, 1955. Book good, DW torn
rail55 Westwood, JN - A History of Russian Railways - George Allen and Unwin, 1964. Book - good, DW - poor
rail56 Williams, A - The Wonders of the Modern Railway - Seeley and Co., 1911. Spine slightly damaged, inscription on end paper, no DW.

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