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Catalogue - New Works (Non-Fiction)
Rhodesia Military History / Bush War
& Zimbabwe Politics
NB - Second Hand Rhodesian war books listed on separate page

Pamwe Chete - Col Ron Reid-Daly.  Covos Day Pamwe Chete: The Legend of the Selous Scouts - Lt.Col Ron Reid-Daly (bush war)
With new, previously unpublished material, including the Roll of Honour and full schedules of citations and wings. New photo sections. The definitive account of this exceptional unit’s short but distinguished service in the field of pseudo counter-insurgency operations during the bitter Rhodesian bush war.

ISBN 1-919874-33-X, 228x155mm, 664pp, 150 b/w photos, maps, sketches. 2nd Edition.

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African Tears - Catherine Buckle.  Covos Day African Tears: The Zimbabwe Land Invasions - Catherine Buckle (Politics)
The true story of a white farmer in Zimbabwe living side by side with war veterans for 7 months (2000/1), under constant scrutiny and intimidation. Make-shift homes were erected on the grazing fields and their stock dams and timber plantations were "liberated". The family was left emotionally broken, psychologically crippled and driven to the brink of bankruptcy. They and their farm labourers were harassed and tortured, their livestock killed, their fields roamed by packs of hunting dogs and the farm - eventually burned to the ground. It remains undesignated, unlisted and not required by the government for compulsory acquisition. It chronicles the hardships felt by many Zimbabwean farmers and their families and tells of the destruction of the country's economy, collapse of tourism and ruination of agriculture.

ISBN 1-919874-27-5, 222x152mm, 264pp, 14 b/w photos

Read Cathy's latest letters reporting on the recent happenings in Zimbabwe

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