Catalogue - Non-Book Items (Prints & Maps)

Salisbury's Changing Skyline 1890-1980
Alex D. Jack, A.R.I.B.A.

This is a unique presentation, in a handsome large coffee-table volume or a folio of loose prints, of Salisbury's (now Harare) architecture and street scenes from it's beginnings to 1980 - the story of its growth told through its buildings and the people associated with them. It is a fascinating record of a city of pioneering character and robust individuality.

1) Portifolio contains 12 loose prints : - 8 pencil drawings - Outside dimensions 210 x 280cm, picture area 140 x 185cm,
4 full-colour paintings Outside dimensions 280 x 380cm, picture area 180 x 280cm

2) Book contains more than 114 subjects illustrated in various media - pencil & watercolours sketches and full colour and two aerial photographs. Also includes informative text and anecdotes that set the sketches in their historical perspective and adds background that makes them more meaningful.
Size - 290x390mm, 113 pages


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