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Africana - Rhodesiania Gold Series
Rhodesiana Reprint Library 'Gold Series' (36 volumes)
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Africana - Rhodesiania Gold Series~Southern Africa~~~502~4600~~
History~All these books as reprinted for the Rhodesiana Reprint Library 'Gold Series' (36 volumes) are currently out of print. However we may have, from time to time, second hand copies available for you. If you wish to purchase Gold Series copies, as a set, let us know. Note that some of the Gold Series books were subsequently reprinted (with different dust jackets, covers, etc), in a newer series called the 'Bulawayo Series' (marked with a red*) or in the 'African Hunting Series' (green*) - these 'new' reprints can be found/ordered in the 'Africana - General' or 'Africana - Hunting' catalogues. See The Story behind the Gold Series.

Vol. Title Author
1 The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa Book summary Thomas Baines
2 Sunshine & Storm in Rhodesia F.C Selous
3 The Old Transport Road * Stanley Portal Hyatt
4 The Chronicles of a Contractor * George Pauling
5 The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland J. Theodore Bent
6 Rhodesian Rhymes Cullen Gouldsbury
7 Men,Mines and Animals in South Africa Lord Randolph Churchill
8 Adventures in Mashonaland R. Blennerhassett and L. Sleeman
9 A Nobody in Mashonaland Charles Edward Finlason
10 Eleven Years in Central South Africa Thomas Morgan Thomas
11 Sally in Rhodesia Sheila Macdonald
12 On the South African Frontier William Harvey Brown
13 Memories of Mashonaland GWH Knight-Bruce
14 A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa * FC Selous
15 The Log of a Native Commissioner HN Hemans
16 Rhodes: A Life JG McDonald
17 The Downfall of Lobengula Edited by WA Wills & LT Collingridge
18 Melinda Rourke Told by herself
19 The Real Rhodesia Ethel Tawse Jollie
20 With the Mounted Infantry and the Mashonaland Field Force, 1896. EAH Alderson
21 With Plummer in Matabeleland Frank W Sykes
22 One Man's Hand * JPR Wallis
23 The Ancient Ruins of Rhodesia RN Hall & WG Neal
24 Great Days Frank Johnson
25 Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa FC Selous
26 The Autobiography of an Old Drifter Percy M Clark
27 Ex Africa Hans Sauer
28 To the Victoria Falls of the Zambesi Eduard Mohr
29 The Recollections of an Elephant Hunter * William Finaughty
30 The Jameson Raid Hugh Marshall Hole
31 Some African Milestones HF Varian
32 How we made Rhodesia Major AG Leonard
33 Through Matabeleland: Ten Months in a Waggon Col. JG Wood
34 Kingsley Fairbridge: His Life and Verse  
35 Three Years in Savage Africa Lionel Decle
36 With Rhodes in Mashonaland DC de Waal
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