Books and DVD's covering the shooting down of the civilian Air Rhodesia Viscounts by ZIPRA terrorists during the Rhodesian Bush War.
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Air Rhodesia Flight 825 was a scheduled flight from Kariba, Rhodesia to Salisbury, Rhodesia that was shot down on September 3, 1978 by ZIPRA guerillas using a Strela 2 missile.

The Vickers Viscount aircraft named the Hunyani was operating a scheduled service between Kariba and Salisbury. Five minutes after taking off from Kariba, passengers heard a loud bang from one of the starboard engines. At 17:10 the commander, Captain John Hood, sent a distress call to air traffic control informing them that he had lost both starboard engines, and was going to crash.[2] The explosion ruptured fuel and pressurized hydraulic lines, causing a fire that could not be extinguished.

Captain Hood managed to maintain control of the aircraft as it descended, and aimed it for a cotton field in the bush, west of Karoi in the Whamira Hills. The pilots attempted to belly-land the aircraft and told the passengers to brace for impact; seconds later, the fuselage and wings started scraping against the tops of trees. The landing initially looked like it would succeed, but a 4-metre (13 ft) wide donga that crossed the field caused the plane to pitch over and burst into flame.

Eighteen of the fifty-six passengers survived the crash, with most of these having been seated in the rear. Five of the survivors went to a local village to ask for water. However upon returning, they heard African voices and automatic gunfire - ZIPRA guerrillas killed 10 of the survivors before looting the aircraft.

Sunset was at 17:47 and by 18:33 (80 minutes after the attack) pitch darkness had set in. This allowed three crash survivors who initially remained at the aircraft to avoid being killed by running away and hiding in the bush but prevented rescue parties from arriving until the following morning.

Joshua Nkomo said in a BBC interview that his guerrillas had shot the aircraft down, saying that it was being used for military purposes, but denied killing the survivors. Five days after the disaster, the Rhodesian government confirmed that the plane had been shot down by a Strela 2 missile.

Air Rhodesia Flight 827
, the Umniati, was a scheduled flight RH827 between Kariba and Salisbury that was shot down on 12 February 1979 by ZIPRA guerrillas using a Strela 2 missile soon after take-off. The circumstances were very similar to that of Air Rhodesia Flight 825 five months earlier.

The flight's departure from Kariba had been delayed, so it had not climbed over the lake to get above the ceiling of shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles before heading for Salisbury. The aircraft was damaged by a Strela 2 missile and came down in rough terrain in the Vuti African Purchase Area east of Lake Kariba. None of the 59 passengers or crew survived.

Following the second incident, Air Rhodesia modified the exhaust pipes of the Viscount aircraft to reduce their heat signature, and painted the aircraft with a low-radiation paint

With the sole exception of the International Airline Pilots Association, there was no condemnation by the international community for this vicious attack on a civilian aircraft by Joshua Nkomo's ZIPRA terror “liberation forces”. Even from those who should have spoken out in the Western democracies, Britain and the United States, cowed by political correctness against giving what could be considered support of Ian Smith’s white minority government. Instead, there was only what the Dean of the Anglican Church in Rhodesia, the Very Reverend John da Costa, in a sermon to an overflowed crowd memorial service at the Anglican Cathedral in Salisbury a few days later after the incidents, termed “a deafening silence”.

Nobody who holds sacred the dignity of human life can be anything but sickened at the events attending the crash of the Viscount Hunyani. Survivors have the greatest call on the sympathy and assistance of every other human being. The horror of the crash was bad enough, but that this should have been compounded by the murder of the most savage and treacherous sort leaves us stunned with disbelief and brings revulsion in the minds of anyone deserving the name “human”. This bestiality, worse than anything in recent history, stinks in the nostrils of heaven. But are we deafened by the voice of protest from nations which call themselves “civilised”? We are not. Like men in the story of the good Samaritan. They ‘pass by on the other side’. One listens for condemnation by Dr David Owen, himself a medical doctor, trained to help all in need. One listens, and the silence is deafening. One listens for loud condemnation by the President of the United States, himself a man from the Bible-Baptist belt , and once again the silence is deafening. One listens for condemnation by the Pope, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, by all who love the name of God. Again the silence is deafening. I do not believe in white supremacy. I do not believe in black supremacy either……The ghastliness of this ill-fated flight from Kariba will be burned upon our memories for years to come. For others far from our borders, it is an intellectual matter, not one which affects them deeply.”

To this day, this Deafening Silence remains. Compare this to the international condemnation of the Lockerbie bombing and the eventual release of the bomber from jail. The detailed book and DVD 'Viscount Down' by Keith Nell, former Rhodesian SAS soldier will rightfully bring this story back into the news.

Below is a list of the current books now available from us, in no particular order (click on the link under book description). There have been other publications that covers the incidents in part and most are now 'Out of Print' and are hard to get / fetch high prices. Should there be a relevant title that we should know about that should be listed on this site, please let us know.

Viscount Down: The Complete Story of the Rhodesian Viscount told by a SAS Soldier - Keith Nell
In 1978, Air Rhodesia's Viscount 'Hunyani' Flight RH 825 flying a scheduled service between Kariba and Salisbury in 1978, was struck by a heat-seeking SAM-7 missile, fired by a gang of Joshua Nkomo's ZIPRA terrorists, shortly after take-off. Only eighteen out of fifty-six survived the crash - all passengers who were seated in the rear of the aircraft. While five survivors were away from the crash scene looking for water, a group of terrorists turned up and bayoneted, bludgeoned and shot to death ten of the survivors. Three crash survivors who had remained at the aircraft managed to avoid being killed by running away and hiding in the bush. After spending the night in the bush, the eight were found the next day and rescued by Security Forces. Six months later, Air Rhodesia Viscount 'Umniati' was shot down by another missile - this time, all 59 perished. Author Keith Nell, a Rhodesian SAS special forces soldier, was personally involved in locating and eliminating the Viscount Gang responsible.
Viscount Down: The Complete Story of the Rhodesian Viscount told by a SAS Soldier - Keith Nell

Viscount Down: The Complete Story of the Rhodesian Viscounts - DVD
DVD (Book by Keith Nell still to be printed - sold separately)
This DVD presents a visual account of Joshua Nkomo's terrorist campaign to shoot down Rhodesian passenger aircraft with SAM 7 heat seeking missiles. It screens evidence of the brutal occupation by his ZIPRA terrorists of rural territory belonging to black inhabitants, and the hostile situation leading up to the Viscount disasters in which 107 holidaymakers and crew were murdered. Included is live footage taken at the crash site and an interview with an SAS operator who parachuted in to find survivors, only to discover the dead bodies of 10 passengers who had been shot and bayoneted to death. Other live interviews are with three survivors who witnessed the carnage but managed to escape, and another features the BBC interview with Joshua Nkomo in which he claimed responsibility. The DVD also presents live coverage of Rhodesian retaliatory strikes into Zambia, and an interview with the Author of the book "Viscount Down".This well produced DVD is very powerful and extremely moving. Viewer discretion advised. Produced by Msasa Enterprises
Viscount Down: The Complete Story of the Rhodesian Viscounts - DVD